PAN Industries Desander is a hydroclone that is used to remove sand and silt from drilling fluids in an Oil Field drilling rig. Hydroclones operate on the basis of centrifugal force such that the mud with smaller particles is returned to the active system while the larger particles are discarded. PAN Ind. Desander removes those abrasive solids from the drilling mud which cannot be removed by shakers. We mainly used 8 “and 10” cones Desander to separate solid-phase particle size 45-75 in the drilling fluids


Characteristics of Desander

  • Material Used: 100% Polyurethane to Make Desander Cones Longer Life.
  • Clamp Type for Easy Maintenance.
  • Compact Design with Small Footprint.
  • Flexible Fast Connection Is Available For User Assembly.
PAN Ind. Desander
Model PAN-DS-2
Vibrating mode Elliptical
Motor type Standard Design
Power(kW)/(HP) 1 x 0.75 kW (1 HP) (one motor)
G-force(G) ≤ 8.3 (adjustable)
Total screen area(m2 )/(ft 2 ) 0.78/8.4
Screen tilt angle adjustment scope( °) Unadjustable
Pressure head(m/ft) 23/75
Capacity(m3/h)/(GPM) 227/1000
Screen type Soft edged (a whole piece of soft screen)
Screen spec (mm)/(in) 600 x 1450/24 x 57
Desilter cone spec. 10”
Number of Desilter cones 2
Separation size of Desilter cones(μm) 44~74
Noise (dB) <85
Dimensions (mm)/(in) 1455 x 1774 x 2100/57 x 70 x 83
Weight (kg)/(lbs) 1240/2734


Vertical Desander

PAN Ind. Desilter
Model PAN-DS-3
Inlet Size (In Inch) 8”
Outlet Size (In Inch) 10”
Size of sand discharge port (In Inch) 10”
Cone Spec. (In Inch) 10”
Number of Cones 3
Separation size (μm) 40-100
Capacity of Single cone (GPM) 500
Pressure head (m)/Pressure head (ft) 75