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PAN Ind. manufactures Pneumatic operated Mud Buckets; size 6 Ft long suitable for 2-7/8” to 6-5/8” tubular that replace the manually operated Mud Bucket. Bucket Quick opening & closing operated by Pneumatic, also provided self locking system for safety at the time of operation. When the mud has been drained from the bucket, with the help of operating lever the bucket clamps off & ON.



Mud Bucket: Air operating System for Opening & Closing at the time of Mud bucket use for discharge, is located at middle side part of bucket. Seal Inserts / Packer Seals & Door Seal are easy to install & change according to the tubular size, the quality of Seals is renitent for Synthetic Oil Base drilling mud. Hosting hook is attached to lift the Mud Bucket, Discharge size 4” & 6” is provide at bottom side of Mud Bucket. Mud Bucket Having quick Opening & Closing of Hose Clamp for drain Nipple. Additionally Air Control Panel is providing to operate the unit.

Pneumatic ( Air operated ) Mud Bucket is an innovative mud bucket, designed for 100% drilling fluid recovery, it improves Drilling operations safely by preventing slick floors that eliminates the chances of slipping accidents on Rig Floors and also reduces crew clean-up time and cuts wash water disposal volumes. PAN manufactured Mud Buckets are designed to increase safety, to improve working environment and better retention of expensive drilling fluids results in significant cost savings.


PAN Mud Bucket Model No. P-MG 6L P ( Pneumatic)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1900 x 700 x 660 mm
Range of tubular /Pipe sizes 2-3/8”,2-7/8”, 3½”, 4”, 5”, 5½” & 5-7/8”,6-5/8”
Inserts / packer Seal 2-3/8”,2-7/8”, 3½”, 4”, 5”, 5½” & 5-7/8”,6-5/8”
Door Seal Right & Left Side.
Time cycle (open-close) 15 seconds
Drain Size 4” & 6”
Drain hose size with coupler Hose 15 feet length
Pneumatic Mud Bucket Model No PAN P-MG 6L P
Working Air Pressure for Pneumatic 8.6 Bar / 125 psi ( Maximum )


S.No. Part Name Part No. Qty S.No. Part Name Part No. Qty
01 Main Body P-MG6P-01 11 Liver Type Rotary Valve P-MG6P-11 1 NOS.
02 Handle P-MG6P-02 2 Nos. 12 Bottom Leg (for Stand) P-MG6P-12 4 NOS.
03 Top & Bottom Pipe Insert Seal (nitrile Rubber) Size is available from 2-3/8” to 6-5/8” P-MG6P-03 A TO H 4 NOS. 13 Mud Exhaust Pipe 4” /6” P-MG6P-13 1 NOS.
04 Door Seal (rubber) P-MG6P-04 4 NOS. 14 Quick Opening & Closing Hose Clamp P-MG6P-14 1 NOS.
05 Lifting Hook P-MG6P-05 2 NOS. 15 Pneumatic Hose Air In P-MG6P-15 1 NOS.
06 Right Side Cylinder End Mounting Bracket P-MG6P-06 3 NOS. 16 Pneumatic Hose Air Out P-MG6P-16 1 NOS.
07 Pneumatic Cylinder With Both Side End Mounting P-MG6P-07 3 NOS. 17 Manifold P-MG6P-17 3 LENGTH
08 Safety Guard P-MG6P-08 1 NOS. 18 Pneumatic Hose Air Out P-MG6P-18 3 LENGTH
09 Left Side Cylinder end Mounting Bracket P-MG6P-09 3 NOS. 19 Manifold P-MG6P-19 2 NOS.
10 Filter Regulator Lubricant Combine Unit P-MG6P-10 1 NOS. 20 Air Supply Hose Complete With Qd Connection P-MG6P-20 50 FEET LONG