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Mud Saver Bucket

The main feature of this mud bucket is its light weight and easy handling. Our Mud Guards are cost effective as it saves the loss of expensive drilling fluid and reduces the labour for rig floor wash as well as eliminates the chances of slipping accidents due to slippery rig floors.

Design Features :

  • Weighs only 18 kg
  • Applies in seconds by one person without any tools uses
  • Controls and re-directs fluid discharge in seconds
  • Seals are fully compatible with all types of fluids including hydrocarbon based




Mud Saver Bucket / Light Weighted Mud Saver Box prevents spillage of drilling fluid onto the drill floor thereby prevents slick floors that can lead to crew accident. Made of light weighted HDPE (High Density Polyethylene ) for easy handling yet durable enough for oilfield use.