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Nylon Drifts for Casing & Tubing

Casing and Tubing Drifts are used for testing the roundness of Tubing and Casing; verifying there are no dents, bends or flat areas that would prevent downhole tooling from passing through.


Our nylon drifts are mainly used to detect whether the diameter of inner holes such as casing, tubing and drill pipe meet the standard.

Our nylon Tubular Drifts are manufactured to API 5CT Specifications or your custom specifications. Drifts are available in size ranging from 2-3/8”-20”.

Standard  Drift Size
Product Detail Standard Drift Mandrel Length Size in Inches


<9-5/8 6
9-5/8 to 13-3/8 12
>13-3/8 12


2-7/8 42
>2-7/8 to 8-5/8 42
>8-5/8 to <10-3/4 42